Z-Lasik – state-of-the-art vision correction

Z-Lasik – state-of-the-art vision correction

Z-LASIK is the Hurlingham Eye Clinic’s premier treatment, renowned for achieving 100% 20/20 for all common short-sighted prescriptions. To the best of our knowledge this remains unmatched by any other UK clinic.

Who can have Z-LASIK?

Z-LASIK is suitable for all prescription types:

Reading Glasses?

Learn more about Z-LASIK Blended Vision for reading glasses or varifocals for presbyopia, the loss of reading vision affecting everyone 45+.

Laser eye surgery has come a very long way in the past twenty five years, and the Hurlingham Eye Clinic’s exemplary results from world-class surgeons are now within everyone’s reach, and for all prescription types.

But leading-edge surgeons are not all that is necessary. After much research and testing, we carefully selected a combination of scanners, lasers and computers to match our commitment to a 100% 20/20 success rate for all patients, whilst ensuring the highest possible level of safety.

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