Vision Correction Pricing

Vision Correction Pricing

Key points:

  • Are you prepared to accept a clinic with a less than 100% track record?
  • the Hurlingham Eye Clinic specialises in premium vision correction with 5-star service
  • Just compare – the Hurlingham Eye Clinic’s advanced LASIK has a remarkable 100% 20/20 success rate.* Compare that to another clinic with e.g. 98% success – this will make a tremendous difference to your vision if you are in that 2%,
  • We have not found any other clinic that can match our results.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?


Only the most advanced surgery

Our patients know that we only deliver the most sophisticated surgery that is available. We do not offer older blade-cut or non-wavefront treatments. Our laser procedure of choice is Z-LASIK, which uses two lasers in combination to correct your vision.

All Z-LASIK treatments use Swiss-made Ziemer femtosecond laser technology for precision corneal flap creation, plus wavefront optics for sharper and clearer vision.

We have a very simple and transparent approach to prices, which depends on what kind of glasses or contact lenses you wear, e.g. spectacles that just correct far vision (driving, television, etc.) or glasses you need for reading, or varifocals that correct both distance and reading vision.


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