Short-sighted treatment

Short-sighted treatment

Short-sightedness is more accurately known as myopia. With short-sight (or near-sight in the USA), vision is best at short range, hence the name – near objects such as text, print, and mobile phones are clear. The distance vision, however, is blurry making it difficult to watch television or a film, read subtitles or drive a car.

When someone suffers from short-sight (near-sight), they will require corrective lenses, either spectacles or contact lenses. Such glasses or lenses will allow the distance vision to become clear.

Laser surgery can cure short-sight once the condition is no longer progressing. Z-LASIK is the treatment of choice for myopia and our gold-standard in vision correction. The laser takes 5-10 seconds to evaporate away a very thin layer of tissue within the cornea, flattening its overall curvature. The whole procedure is complete in just 4 minutes per eye.

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