What is our goal?  Simple. We want the very best outcomes available from any clinic, anywhere in the world.

The Hurlingham Eye Clinic has a achieved a 100% success rate for 20/20 for our patients, for all common short-sighted prescriptions for the past 3 years.

We know of no other clinic that has matched these results.

Key Point: There is a big difference between 100% and, for example, another clinic with 98% results, especially if you happen to be in that 2%.

What can you expect from treatment?

We now expect vision beyond 20/20 as a standard outcome after Z-LASIK. Our latest data shows we have achieved this in 99.7% of patients (with typical short sight, up to -6.00 (see below for a full table). An independent clinical audit is underway to validate our excellent vision outcomes. (What is 20/20 vision?)

Look for better than 20/20

With modern laser surgery, 20/20 isn’t a high enough benchmark any more. You must ask your prospective surgeon what percentage achieved better than 20/20, i.e. 20/16 or 20/12.

Short-sighted patients: The chart shows the success rate for short-sighted patients at three standards of vision – 1) Left column = better than 20/20; 2) Middle column = seeing 20/20 or better; 3) seeing the driving standard of 20/40 or better. The cohort data is from The Hurlingham Eye Clinic – 676 primary treatments (not ‘final outcome’) by surgeon at 6 months post-op, binocular vision, ages 20-60, myopia up to -12.00 dioptres and astigmatism up to 2.00 dioptres.

The percentage above 20/20 tells you how many people achieved sharp or very sharp vision, to the same or even better degree than they could with glasses or contact lenses. A good surgeon will have this information to hand.

When choosing a clinic for laser eye surgery, results are crucial. Spend time to research individual clinics and their outcomes. Make sure any clinic quotes results at 6 months after surgery because it takes this long to determine the final result. Also ask about the enhancement rate – how often does the clinic need to re-operate to correct the focus.

One very important fact is that the Hurlingham Clinic and its surgeons are not paid consultants for any laser manufacturer. This means we are free to choose the best individual laser for each part of the LASIK process.

The minimum information you should get

As a minimum, for any surgeon’s results, you want to see data tables clearly showing:

  • The % of patients who achieved the driving standard for vision (known as 20/40 or 6/12%
  • The % who could see 20/20 (6/6) or better without glasses.
  • These % should also be broken down into each prescription range

These data will often report binocular vision, where the patient used both eyes together. You may also see results showing vision for single eyes. This is the most basic level of information a surgeon or clinic should provide with standard prescriptions ranges, from low to extreme, and the % who achieved driving standard (20/40), and % at 20/20 or better. However, as above, look for the better than 20/20 success rate.

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