Reading Glasses and Presbyopia

Reading Glasses and Presbyopia

Do you find it hard to read menus in restaurants without putting on your reading glasses? Or how about the hassle of not being able to read your text messages quickly when you’re out and about?

Treatment is now available for those who need glasses for reading.

If you have always had good vision and now find yourself over 40 and needing reading glasses for close distances, or if you have been wearing glasses for distance vision, and now find you are losing your close up vision; you may be developing presbyopia. This is simply an unavoidable condition where the eye’s ability to focus on near objects diminishes as we get a little older!

Sue Barker, ex tennis pro and tv presenter with Mr / Blended Vision patient at the Hurlingham Eye Clinic

The good news is that laser eye treatment may now be an option for you. The Hurlingham Eye Clinic is a specialist clinic in the treatment of age related reading problems. You may have seen Paul Ross on ‘This Morning’ with our founder Dr. – we successfully treated Paul and corrected both his reading vision AND short sight with our pioneering Blended Vision procedure.

Mr. David Allamby, our chief surgeon, was the first to perform the pioneering Blended Vision procedure in the UK in January 2003. He has performed Blended Vision for longer than any other UK surgeon.

Blended Vision

Laser eye surgery for reading glasses is done using a technique known as Blended Vision. Where one eye, usually the dominant eye, is treated to correct your distance vision and the other eye is treated to correct your near vision. The brain then blends these two images together to give you clear vision for both near and in the distance.

Around 90% of presbyopic patients are suitable for our Blended Vision option, which will be determined at your consultation. Unfortunately nearly 10% of patients are not eligible due to limitations in how some brains are wired, and being unable to blend the images from each eye together. For those who have received Blended Vision, if necessary, the reading eye can be retreated in later years to keep up with any age-related changes.


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