Individual patient Care

Individual patient care

Visit some other clinics… and then come to the Hurlingham Eye Clinic. You will experience the difference at a surgeon-owned specialist centre. Whether it is safety, technology or results – all of these come under the most important part of our work at the Hurlingham Eye Clinic – the individual.

Any type of surgery might be daunting and this is why we spend the extra time to understand patient’s needs and expectations. If we feel that we cannot produce a satisfactory result or that a patient is not suitable for laser eye surgery we will not go ahead with the treatment.
We do not have pressurised targets to meet and there is no head office asking for results.

Our sole concern is the safety and well-being of our patients.

Having any kind of surgery is something to take your time about. We’ll do what we can to not only answer any of your questions but will also continue to look after you as an individual throughout the process of having laser eye surgery and beyond.

Your consultation at the Hurlingham Eye Clinic will give you a great way to get to know us a little better, find out more about laser eye surgery and your suitability, all without any obligation or pressure.

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