Aftercare and Lifetime Guarantee

Aftercare and Lifetime Guarantee

Choosing to have vision correction surgery is a big decision for anyone to make, and for something this important you will want a Guarantee. Whilst you might be impressed by a clinic you have come across, their website with possibly bold claims, or their literature – you will also want to be sure that you’ll be fully taken care of after your surgery. How will the clinic behave towards you after the procedure has been carried out?

At Hurlingham Eye Clinic our LIFETIME CARE GUARANTEE means complete reassurance and peace of mind.

A True Guarantee

Unlike some other clinics who claim to offer lifetime care, once you read the small print you will find you are not really covered at all. Additionally, at these clinics they will almost always require that you pay for your second surgery all over again.

That may be reasonable for age-related problems where worsening is expected over time, such as long-sight (far-sight) and presbyopia (the need for reading glasses). However, for conditions that should be stable at the time of treatment, such as short-sight (near-sight) and astigmatism, you should expect a lifetime of benefit.

So when you have Z-LASIK for distance vision correction with the Hurlingham Clinic for short-sight with or without astigmatism, we promise to take care of you for life, free of charge. That means you can visit the clinic again at any time, even years later, and repeat surgery for myopia, alone or with astigmatism to correct your distance vision in the unlikely event of it being needed again, will be free of charge to you.*

Sounds good? Contact us and we are happy to explain in more detail.

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Caroline - The Day after sight surgery at the Hurlingham Eye Clinic

As previously discussed, we see you the day after treatment. We then have one week, one month, three month and six month checkups with additional appointments a year later to check your vision and eye health. This is more comprehensive than many other centres, who may discharge you sooner with less follow-up.

We provide all patients with a comprehensive recovery plan. For the first week this includes a variety of eye drops to assist fast healing. You will also receive information on how best to look after your eyes after surgery including advice on what sports and activities are safe – for example, when to return to the gym or swimming.

Concerns after the surgery

If at any time you have any concerns you are, of course, more than welcome to call or email the clinic and speak to one of our team – many of whom you will have already got to know during your consultation and treatment. You will always also have the mobile phone number for your surgeon if you need help out of hours. Always remember we are only a phone call away for any questions you might have after your procedure.

We also love to keep in touch with people who have had their lives changed by treatment at the Hurlingham Eye Clinic and why not sign up to our treated patients newsletter? We’ll keep you informed about eye health in general and invite you to special events throughout the year. You may even want to attend the Hurlingham Eye Clinic open days where we bring people in who have been treated to speak to those people wanting to have surgery.

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