Centrally located in the heart of London's Harley Street district, 100% of patients with all common prescriptions achieve 20/20. Established in 2002, our vision clinic specialises not only in short- and long-sight corrective surgery but also Blended Vision, which was pioneered by our chief surgeon. our specialist clinic is a team of doctors, optometrists, patient care coordinators, technicians and administrators committed to outstanding results.

Our corrective procedures

Whether our customers are upset by eye strain and blurred vision or poor eyesight, our eye hospital has a list of procedures for private patients in Surrey.

our eye clinic's data show success with 99.7% of clients in Puttenham with refractive laser eye surgery and lasik procedures due to our highly qualified specialists and state-of-the-art excimer and femtosecond lasers, tackling poor vision, blurred eyesight and reduced visual acuity. established in 2002, our special eye hospital is in the Harley Street area.

Why eye surgery?

Living in GU3 and looking to receive correction for your eyesight? most of our patients see better than they ever could with their old correction and it is proven to be highly effective in correcting vision. There are a number of other positive aspects as to why eye treatment can be a highly effective and cost-efficient option, whether you suffer with shortsight or astigmatism. Many people who struggle with waking up in the morning and also looking at objects close up have found refractive treatments hugely beneficial. Surrey - see our results.

our clinic can give:

  • eye surgery for near sightedness
  • clearer vision specialist treatments
  • hyperopia eye treatments
  • eye tests
  • treatments for easier reading

Costs and prices

telephone us to talk about our choice of prices for eyesight correction and optical laser eye surgery. The Hurlingham clinic aims to make using the car and getting out and about easier for private clients and offer a range of tailored refractive treatments using up-to-date lasers to meet those needs.

To discuss our corrective treatments, get in touch with the Hurlingham clinic on 0207 307 8250.

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