Do you have short-sight or short-sightedness?

Our hospital offer world-class corrective procedures. We can provide more information on eye operations, and are accessible to patients near Margery.

Our refractive procedures

Struggling with using the car or watching television? completely fed up with decreased visual acuity? our clinic offers Surrey private patients with choice of refractive treatments.

our vision clinic's data show success with 99.7% of customers in Margery with eye surgery to correct vision and eye laser correction due to our highly skilled clinicians and modernised equipment, tackling blurred eyesight, eye strain and blurred vision and blurry vision. set up in 2002, our specialist clinic is in Marylebone.

Costs and fees

The advantages of vision corrective procedure

The positive aspects of laser eye procedures around RH2: we have not found another clinic that has matched our results and we have a 100% 20/20 success rate for all common prescriptions.

At our eye clinic we offer a range of corrective treatments to private customers in Surrey:

  • prk eye surgery
  • eye lazer surgery
  • laser eyes surgery
  • laser vision correction
  • eyes laser treatments

Price range

Hurlingham gives a list of treatments at different prices. We provide qualified care, technologically advanced technology and aim to satisfy clients.

talk about refractive procedures on 0207 307 8250.

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