Possible eye treatments for GU8 residents aged 20-45

Aged 20-45?

Receive LASIK laser eye treatment with our clinic if you suffer from nearsight which can also occur with astigmatism. It can transform your eyesight, sometimes for your lifetime, and put an end to decreased vision, making driving and swimming easy again. For many people, it enables them to stop wearing glasses or contact lenses. Get in touch to find out if you're suitable for our refractive treatments.

Possible eye treatments for GU8 residents aged 46-65

Aged 46-65?

For many people between 46 and 65, they often suffer from age-related near vision blur which results in decreased visual acuity, making activities such as looking at your mobile phone and seeing printed instructions difficult. This is why so many people near Surrey opt for laser correction to create Blended Vision. That's why many people including several celebrities have chosen Hurlingham clinic.

Possible eye treatments for GU8 residents aged 66+

Aged 66+?

If age-related presbyopia and the associated early cataract is giving you decreased eyesight and preventing you from reading a label or reading a text message then cataract lens replacement surgery and laser eye surgery to create Blended Vision and available to patients over 66 in Bowlhead Green who no longer wish to use glasses for reading.

epi lasik accessible from GU8

Laser eye treatment is a highly successful treatment, but it is essential that you choose a trusted provider to ensure the best results for you - and your vision.

corrective procedures in Hampshire

Struggling with working or travelling? unhappy with poor eyesight? our vision clinic provides Surrey clients with list of refractive procedures.

our specialist clinic has been formed for over 10 years. It has modern excimer and femtosecond lasers and has given treatments such as laser eye surgery with blepharitis and eyesight correction to patients in GU8.

Reasons to undergo the 9-minute operation

Eye surgery is a great solution for people around Bowlhead Green with vision problems, including age-related conditions, myopia and astigmatism. That is why so many people have opted to undergo refractive corrective treatments. There are a number of advantages; we have a 100% 20/20 success rate for all common prescriptions and the results of modern LASIK are outstanding. If you live in Surrey please review our vision results.

The clinicians at our specialist eye centre give a selection of procedures to private customers in GU8

  • clearer sight
  • eye surgery for near sight
  • eye laser treatments
  • not having to use contact lenses
  • lazer treatments

How much does epi lasik cost?

Hurlingham offers a range of highly effective refractive procedures using our state-of-the-art systems and at varying costs. Many benefits exist for myopia laser eye surgery and laser eye procedures, making them advanced investments for private clients.

phone our eye hospital if you wish to talk over our corrective procedures on 0207 307 8250.

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