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Many visitors to our website are looking for corrective treatments close to GU26 so that they can stop wearing contact lenses or glasses.GU26

Centrally located in the heart of London's Harley Street district, 100% of patients with all common prescriptions achieve 20/20. Established in 2002, the Hurlingham clinic specialises not only in short- and long-sight corrective surgery but also Blended Vision, which was pioneered by our chief surgeon. our vision clinic is a team of doctors, optometrists, patient care coordinators, technicians and administrators committed to outstanding results.

refractive treatments in Kent

Struggling with using a computer or writing? fed up with decreased visual acuity? Hurlingham clinic offers Surrey customers with list of refractive procedures.

established in London's private healthcare precinct in 2002, our eye hospital has aimed for ultra-advanced results for eye surgery consultants and improved sight to private customers in GU26. Our experienced clinical experts use modernised scanners and lasers and expect 20/20 vision after Z-LASIK corrective procedures.

Why get corrective eye treatment?

There are many reasons, especially if you've struggled while taking a bus or reading. If you live in Beacon Hill, consider the advantages of eye procedures: most of our patients see better than they ever could with their old correction and it is proven to correct vision quickly and accurately in almost all cases. There are many other positive aspects so please get in touch to find out more. See our LASIK results.

At our special eye hospital we offer a range of treatments to patients in Surrey:

  • lasik wavefront
  • eye surgery for near sightedness
  • laser treatments for eyes
  • improving your blurred vision
  • eye surgery consultancy

How much does laser eye hospitals cost?

our specialist clinic provides a choice of highly effective treatments using our cutting-edge systems and at varying costs. Many benefits exist for presbyopia laser eye surgery and improved eyesight, making them world-class investments for clients.

To talk over our refractive procedures, telephone our hospital on 0207 307 8250.

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