Egham Wick

Egham Wick

Looking for a laser eye corrective treatment near Egham Wick?

Are you unhappy with lens opacities? If so, at Hurlingham we have several sophisticated solutions for you.Egham Wick

Laser eye treatment with our special eye hospital

You're probably here because you have an condition such as farsight or cataracts, or perhaps interested in laser treatments for eyes. our hospital offers surgery to private customers in Egham Wick and nearby.

procedures in Berkshire

Whether our private clients are affected by decreased eyesight or blurry vision, Hurlingham clinic has a list of refractive treatments for clients in Surrey.

our eye hospital's data show success with 99.7% of customers in Egham Wick with custom laser eye surgery and eye surgery for reading vision correction due to our world-leading clinical experts and modernised diagnostic technology, tackling reduced visual acuity, decreased vision and decreased visual acuity. established in 2002, our specialist eye centre is in the Harley Street precinct.

Costs and fees Surrey

Why get corrective eye treatment?

If you live in TW20, there are several good reasons why you should consider eye correction: we have not found another clinic that has matched our results and most of our patients see better than they ever could with their old correction. There are many other positive aspects so get in touch to find out more. See our vision correction results.

Our services for private patients in Egham Wick and TW20:

  • treatments for short sightedness
  • treatments for presbyopia
  • treatments for near sight
  • information on eye surgery
  • vision analysis

Price range

our specialist clinic gives a choice of treatments at different prices. We provide world-class care, modern excimer and femtosecond lasers and aim to satisfy patients.

contact our clinic on 0207 307 8250.

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