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Are you interested in reading vision laser eye surgery? Treatment is available if you are unhappy with decreased visual acuity and need laser eye surgery within a convenient distance of Crowhurst.Crowhurst

Are you tired of reduced visual acuity caused by hyperopia and hoping to find a corrective procedure to resolve it?

corrective procedures in Hertfordshire

clinical experts at the Hurlingham clinic provide a range of refractive treatments for Surrey customers struggling with watching television or getting out and about or upset by longsight and lens opacities.

Based in Marylebone, Hurlingham clinic (formed in 2002) is a modernised clinic with world-leading experts who give wavefront lasik and lasek to clients suffering from short-sight and nearsight in Crowhurst.

Why get eye treatment?

Perhaps you are having trouble with watching TV or writing. Laser eye treatment can greatly improve these issues. There are numerous other advantages to eye correction which is why so many people in RH7 have received it, whether they are short- or long-sighted or the condition is age-related, we have not found another clinic that has matched our results and the results of modern LASIK are outstanding. See our LASIK results.

At our eye clinic we offer a selection of refractive procedures to private patients in Surrey:

  • astigmatism eye surgery
  • presbyopia
  • laser treatments for eyes
  • eye surgery for nearsightedness
  • treatments for short sight

Price range

our hospital offers a choice of treatments at different prices. We offer leading care, modern equipment and aim to satisfy private customers.

talk over corrective treatments on 0207 307 8250.

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