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Are you hoping to find LASIK laser eye treatment, or help with laser surgery reading glasses, that's accessible from Chobham?Chobham

Considering laser eye procedures?

We understand that the decision to have laser eye surgery is a big one; we also understand that it can be genuinely life-changing. Our world-class surgeons and specialist optometrists are here to talk you through the process and help you understand how 20/20 or even higher levels of vision can be achieved. Visit us from Chobham to learn more about laser surgery reading glasses and how we could help.

list of refractive treatments

Struggling with going to the cinema or writing? fed up with blurry vision? Hurlingham clinic gives Surrey patients with range of refractive procedures.

Hurlingham is a modernised clinic in London's private healthcare district with cutting-edge results and state-of-the-art equipment. formed in 2002 we treat customers with eye surgery for reading vision correction and optical surgery in Chobham and beyond.

benefits of eye correction

Thousands of people have corrective eye treatment in Surrey every year to improve their eyesight, whether they have distance or close-up vision or age-related problems, many of them in GU24, because it is proven to correct vision quickly and accurately in almost all cases and we have a 100% 20/20 success rate for all common prescriptions.

Price range

our vision clinic offers a selection of corrective treatments at different prices. We provide leading care, up-to-date lasers and aim to satisfy clients.

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