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Bowlhead Green

We offer cost-effective, world-class eye procedures

If you are hoping to find a treatment - or information on laser eye surgery for nearsightedness - that's close to Bowlhead Green, then contact the Hurlingham clinic.Bowlhead Green

Is laser eye correction right for you?

We receive many enquiries from people near Bowlhead Green interested in laser eye surgery for nearsightedness. We can help whatever the prescription strength of your glasses or contact lenses.

treatments in Oxfordshire

clinical experts at our special eye hospital offer a range of refractive treatments for Surrey patients struggling with driving or socialising or suffering from short-sightedness and longsight.

our specialist clinic's data show success with 99.7% of private customers in Bowlhead Green with femto cataract surgery and optical eye surgery due to our fully trained clinicians and up-to-date equipment, tackling eye strain and blurred vision, blurred vision and reduced visual acuity. set up in 2002, our eye hospital is in central London.

Costs and fees

Why get eye surgery?

There are numerous positive aspects to eye correction which is why so many people in GU8 have received it, whether they have shortsight, astigmatism or presbyopia impacting near vision, the results of modern LASIK are outstanding and most of our patients see better than they ever could with their old correction. See our vision correction results.

our clinic can give:

  • treatments for presbyopia
  • lasik for astigmatism
  • eye surgery for long sightedness
  • Blended Vision treatments
  • treatments for short sightedness

Price range

our vision clinic provides a list of refractive procedures at different prices. We offer world-leading care, technologically advanced lasers and aim to satisfy customers.

To talk about the corrective procedures the consultants at our hospital give, prices and your areas you would like answered, phone us on 0207 307 8250.

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