Abbey Mead

Abbey Mead

What can laser eye correction treat?

If you are looking for corrective eye surgery, we are known for sophisticated treatments for all types of glasses and contact lens prescriptions. Whether you are short-sighted, long-sighted, suffer from blurred reading vision or have cataracts, eye surgery is virtually painless and can provide a solution for all refractive errors for customers in Abbey Mead.

Our corrective procedures

clinicians at our vision clinic give a range of procedures for Surrey private customers struggling with driving or writing or suffering from longsight and nearsight.

our eye hospital has been formed for over 10 years. It has technologically advanced excimer and femtosecond lasers and has provided corrective treatments such as astigmatism eye surgery and laser eye surgery to patients in Abbey Mead.

benefits of eye treatment

Thousands of people have corrective eye surgery in Surrey every year to improve their eyesight, whether they have distance or close-up vision or age-related vision problems, many of them in KT16, it is proven to be highly effective in correcting vision and we have not found another clinic that has matched our results. See our post-surgery results.

The surgeons at our specialist eye centre offer a choice of refractive treatments to private patients in Abbey Mead

  • eye surgery for long sightedness
  • lasik monovision
  • eye surgery for near sight
  • laser corrective surgery
  • cornea eye surgery

Price range

our clinic provides a selection of refractive procedures at different prices. We provide highly trained care, up-to-date systems and aim to satisfy clients.

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