Are you unhappy with decreased vision as a result of short-sightedness and hoping to find a corrective procedure to resolve it?Tilsworth

Looking for laser eye surgery?

Perhaps you're interested in eye surgery for far sightedness or femto cataract surgery, or want to tackle presbyopia. Our treatments are easily accessible to people in Tilsworth.

procedures in Buckinghamshire

clinicians at our eye hospital give a selection of refractive procedures for Bedfordshire customers struggling with taking a bus or going to the cinema or completely fed up with long-sightedness and long-sight.

set up in the Harley Street precinct in 2002, Hurlingham clinic has aimed for state-of-the-art results for surgery to correct presbyopia and better eyesight to clients in Tilsworth. Our leading experts use technologically advanced excimer and femtosecond lasers and expect 20/20 vision after Z-LASIK corrective treatments.

positive aspects of eye correction

Thousands of people have corrective eye treatment in Bedfordshire every year to improve their eyesight, whether they have distance or close-up vision or age-related problems, many of them in LU7, because most of our patients see better than they ever could with their old correction and the results of modern LASIK are outstanding.

the Hurlingham clinic offers the following corrective procedures to private clients in Tilsworth and LU7:

  • custom lasik
  • eye surgery for short sightedness
  • dry eyes procedures
  • eye laser treatments
  • astigmatism surgery

Costs and prices

phone us to talk about our list of prices for eye surgery for far sightedness and fixing your blurred vision. Our eye clinic aims to make writing and driving easier for private customers and provide a choice of individualised refractive treatments using modernised systems to meet those needs.

chat about refractive procedures on 0207 307 8250.

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