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South End

Possible eye treatments for South End residents aged 20-45

Aged 20-45?

The best treatment available to people between 20 and 45 is laser eye surgery. This can prevent short-sightedness which can often be found together with astigmatism, putting an end to blurred eyesight. You will no longer need contacts and socialising and watching TV will become much easier.

Possible eye treatments for South End residents aged 46-65

Aged 46-65?

If presbyopia is giving you blurred vision and preventing you from seeing printed instructions or reading an email then laser eye surgery to create Blended Vision and clear lens exchange (CLE, also called RLE) are available to middle-aged patients in Bedfordshire who no longer wish to use bifocal glasses. Ask our professionals to explain what you can expect from our corrective treatments and to find out if you're suitable for laser eye surgery.

Possible eye treatments for South End residents aged 66+

Aged 66+?

Are you in MK42 and tired of using varifocal glasses? The Hurlingham clinic can offer cataract lens replacement surgery or laser correction to create Blended Vision to deal with people who suffer from poor eyesight as a result of presbyopia (the need for reading glasses) and struggle with basic activities such as reading a text message and reading and looking further away. Take a look at our prices.

What can Hurlingham offer customers in South End?

Would you like more information on procedures for laser eye surgery. Whatever your prescription, your eyes can be permanently changed to improve vision with laser eye treatment. Millions of people around the world have benefited from vision correction. Ask us about our refractive treatments and see if you are suitable.

Our treatments

Struggling with going to the cinema or getting out and about? unhappy with decreased vision? our eye clinic offers Bedfordshire patients with range of corrective procedures.

our specialist eye centre's data show success with 99.7% of private customers in South End with sight correction surgery and laser surgery due to our skilled experts and modernised technology, tackling reduced visual acuity, decreased visual acuity and poor vision. formed in 2002, our vision clinic is in Marylebone.

Why get corrective eye treatment?

There are many reasons, especially if you've struggled while commuting or using a computer. If you live in MK42, the case for eye correction is strong: we have a 100% 20/20 success rate for all common prescriptions and it is proven to correct vision quickly and accurately in almost all cases. There are many other benefits so get in touch to find out more.

Price range

Hurlingham clinic provides a choice of procedures at different prices. We give experienced care, up-to-date scanners and lasers and aim to satisfy clients.

call the Hurlingham clinic on 0207 307 8250.

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