Looking for laser eye procedures?

Perhaps you're interested in customised laser eye surgery or astigmatism eye surgery, or want to tackle lens opacities. Our treatments are easily accessible to people in Potsgrove.Potsgrove

Improve your vision near Potsgrove

You may be among the many people looking for more details on customised laser eye surgery. You may like improve your vision because you're struggling with basic activities such as going to the cinema or travelling. Hurlingham can help.

corrective treatments in Kent

our specialist eye centre provides a selection of corrective procedures to Bedfordshire clients whether you're affected by blurred vision, reduced visual acuity or something else.

the Hurlingham clinic has been set up for over 10 years. It has state-of-the-art lasers and has offered refractive procedures such as fixing your blurred vision and vision surgery to private clients in Potsgrove.

Why get eye surgery?

Perhaps you are having trouble with eye strain and blurred vision while working or writing. Laser eye treatment can improve these symptoms. There are numerous positive aspects to eye correction which is why so many people in MK17 have received it, whether they have short-sight, astigmatism or age-related presbyopia, we have not found another clinic that has matched our results and the results of modern LASIK are outstanding.

Hurlingham clinic offers the following refractive treatments to patients in Potsgrove and MK17:

  • vision correction
  • surgery to correct presbyopia
  • optical surgery
  • eye surgery for presbyopia
  • lasik wavefront

Costs and prices

get in touch with us to talk about our list of prices for customised laser eye surgery and hyperopia eye treatments. The Hurlingham clinic aims to make watching TV and driving easier for customers and give a range of customised refractive treatments using modern scanners and lasers to meet those needs.

To talk over the treatments the experts at our eye clinic provide, prices and your questions, phone us on 0207 307 8250.

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