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Little Billington

Possible eye treatments for Little Billington residents aged 20-45

Aged 20-45?

Eye problems such as shortsight and astigmatism affect 1 in 3 adults between 20 and 45, giving them poor vision which can make swimming and running very difficult. Many in this age range are tired of the hassle associated with glasses or contact lenses and prefer to receive LASIK near Little Billington. Follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook if you want to ask our professionals any more questions.

Possible eye treatments for Little Billington residents aged 46-65

Aged 46-65?

Often people between 46 and 65 suffer from age-related loss of close vision, giving them blurry vision which can make seeing printed instructions difficult. Many people with eye conditions have subsequently received Blended Vision and RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange) with Hurlingham clinic. The corrective procedures they receive with us can last a lifetime, which is why so many patients walk away happy with the results.

Possible eye treatments for Little Billington residents aged 66+

Aged 66+?

As an older person, it's very possible you suffer from presbyopia impacting near vision which is often associated with cataract changes in the eye and can give you eye strain and blurred vision, preventing you from looking at your mobile phone with ease. You may be using varifocal glasses but a more affordable and efficient solution near LU7 is cataract lens replacement surgery. We have not found any other clinic that matches our results.

You may be affected by your vision and looking to find a refractive treatment in the Little Billington area.

treatments in Buckinghamshire

our clinic gives a selection of refractive treatments to Bedfordshire private patients whether you're fed up with decreased eyesight, blurred eyesight or something else.

Based in the Harley Street district, our eye hospital (established in 2002) is a modern clinic with highly skilled surgeons who offer blepharitis laser eye surgery and latest laser eye surgery technology to customers tired of presbyopia and long-sight in Little Billington.

Why get eye procedures?

Perhaps you are having trouble with writing or going to the cinema. Laser eye treatment can greatly improve these issues. There are numerous other benefits to eye surgery which is why so many people in LU7 have received it, whether they are short- or long-sighted or the condition is age-related, we have not found another clinic that has matched our results and most of our patients see better than they ever could with their old correction. See our LASIK results.

At Hurlingham we offer a choice of corrective treatments to clients in Bedfordshire:

  • cataract eye surgery
  • eye surgery for near sightedness
  • cataract surgery
  • laser treatments for short sight
  • lasik eye surgery

Costs and prices

phone us to chat about our range of prices for eye lazer treatments and laser eye experts. Our specialist clinic aims to make working and travelling easier for private clients and provide a list of tailored refractive procedures using modernised systems to meet those needs.

contact our vision clinic if you wish to discuss our treatments on 0207 307 8250.

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