laser eye surgery for myopia and live within Blunham?

Perhaps you're concerned that presbyopia is stopping you from writing or reading.Blunham

Get better vision near Blunham

You may be among the many people looking for information on laser eye surgery for myopia, perhaps because you have astigmatism or hyperopia.

list of corrective procedures

Hurlingham clinic provides a choice of refractive treatments to Bedfordshire customers whether you're fed up with blurred vision, decreased vision or something else.

Based in the Harley Street precinct, the Hurlingham clinic (formed in 2002) is a up-to-date clinic with highly skilled specialists who offer eye surgery for presbyopia and cataract surgery to clients completely fed up with age-related longsight and nearsight in Blunham.

Why get eye treatment?

You may have trouble with taking a bus or driving. Eye treatment can improve these issues if you have shortsight, astigmatism or age-related near vision blur. There are many other advantages for our patients in MK44 having corneal eye procedures, it is proven to correct vision quickly and accurately in almost all cases and we have a 100% 20/20 success rate for all common prescriptions.

our clinic gives the following treatments to private clients in Blunham and MK44:

  • treatments for presbyopia
  • lasik eye surgery procedures
  • eye surgery monovison
  • astigmatism eye surgery
  • vision analysis

Price range

our eye clinic gives a selection of refractive procedures at different prices. We offer skilful care, modern equipment and aim to satisfy private customers.

talk over corrective treatments on 0207 307 8250.

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