A lot of people around Ampthill are tired of eye problems and looking to undergo correction for long-sight or short-sightedness. If you're one of them, Hurlingham clinic can help.Ampthill

laser eye surgery monovision near Ampthill

Perhaps you're looking for a corrective procedure to tackle cataracts or long-sightedness and to enable you to stop wearing spectacles or contact lenses.

refractive treatments in Hertfordshire

professionals at our specialist eye centre give a range of corrective procedures for Bedfordshire private patients struggling with taking a bus or watching TV or completely fed up with myopia and hyperopia.

our specialist clinic is a modern clinic in the Harley Street area with world-class results and state-of-the-art scanners and lasers. formed in 2002 we treat clients with lasik monovision and myopia laser eye surgery in Ampthill and beyond.

Costs and fees for Ampthill

benefits to your vision

The advantages of laser eye procedures around MK45: we have not found another clinic that has matched our results and the results of modern LASIK are outstanding. See our results.

the Hurlingham clinic offers the following corrective treatments to patients in Ampthill and MK45:

  • eyesight tests
  • laser treatments for short sight
  • refractive eye surgery
  • eye surgery for short sight
  • eye laser treatments

Price range

our hospital provides a list of refractive procedures at different prices. We offer skilled care, up-to-date systems and aim to satisfy customers.

get in touch with our vision clinic on 0207 307 8250.

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